The Tax Collector is responsible for mailing and collecting County, Borough, and School Real Estate Taxes; also the mailing and collection of the County and Borough Per Capita Taxes. As the monies are received they are recorded and deposited in a timely manner in the bank. At the end of each month a State Report, a listing of Real Estate and Per Capita Taxes collected, and a check are disbursed to each entity.

The Tax Collector receives many calls from Mortgage and Finance Companies, Banks, Tax Services, Attorneys, Escrow Companies, Realtors, etc., requesting Tax Certifications and answers to numerous tax related questions.

The Tax Collector always sends a Late Notice in Early November of each year as a reminder if the tax bill has not been paid. As of December 31 of each year unpaid bills are taken to the County Tax Claims Office.

 Liverpool Tax Collector

 Troy Nipple

Telephone: 717-444-2611
Address: 103 Aucker Street, Liverpool, PA 17045